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Touched by a Shark 2012


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For centuries, humans focused many aspects of art and beauty.  However, in the pursuit of effective advertising, almost every aspect of normal human life has been commercialized and sensationalized. The side effect is that we have lost our perspective and adopted a misconstrued understanding of many creatures that we once considered majestic, beautiful, and important.

Produced by Valeo Film’s Inc. for Rette den Hai e.V. - Touched by a Shark is a documentary about the most misunderstood animal on our planet -- the shark -- told by divers that have been touched by the magnificent creatures whether physically, emotionally or intellectually.   (Spring 2012)

Touched by a Shark (2012)

by Rette den Hai and Valeo Films Inc.

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the foundationhttp://www.rette-den-hai.de/
about the filmmakerabout.html
Cast, Crew and Special Thanks

Dr. Folkart Schweizer

Dr. Samuel Gruber

Wolfgang Leander

Felix Leander

Jupp Kerckerinck

Emily Thompson

Ryan Pfouts

David Ulloa

Produced, Written by

David Ulloa and Dee McHenry

Edited by

David Ulloa

Narrated by

Austen Atkinson

Shark finning footage courtesy of

Shawn Hendricks

Blue Spear Media

Jorge Ballestero & Randall Arauz


Joe Ramero & Bill Fisher

333 Productions

“Taste bite” footage courtesy of

Jupp Kerckerinck


Amanda Cotton

Paul Spielvogel

Wolfgang Leander

Camera Operators

David Ulloa

Dee McHenry

David Sirak (aerial)

Will Allen

Felix Leander

Additional Underwater Footage

Josef Baron Kerckerinck

Special thanks to

Capt. and Crew of the Dolphin Dream

Bimini Biological Field Station

Shark Research Institute

Oceanic Dreams

Will Allen Photo

A Cotton Photo

The Mother Nature Network

Florida Film Video