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David Ulloa President and owner of Valeo Films Inc., an independent film and video production company.   As a technical diver and underwater expedition cameraman, Mr. Ulloa’s passion for his work and his continued outstanding performance as an Underwater Camera Operator, AD, UPM, Line Producer, Writer, Director and Producer have earned him the respect of his colleagues as well as the industry at large.    Within the scuba industry Mr Ulloa holds positions with several leading publications including Video Chief of Staff for Advanced Diver Magazine and contributing writer for other internationally recognized magazines such as  SeaDuction and Beyond Blue.

In 2006, Mr. Ulloa launched Undersea Expeditionary Video Services, the underwater division of Valeo Films. UEV was quickly recognized as an innovative leader among underwater video production companies.  Prior to founding Valeo Films, Mr. Ulloa headed the video operations of San Antonio-based Southwest VideoGrafX, a desktop video graphics firm known for breaking new ground in business communication with its corporate video memos.

After college, Mr. Ulloa worked as a highly-rated US Navy Submarine Nuclear Power Plant Machinist.   Assigned to the engineering department aboard the ballistic missile submarine USSBN George Washington Carver, he was part of the team responsible for operation and maintenance of the submarine’s nuclear power plant propulsion systems.

David utilizes his speaking opportunities to enlighten and inform his audiences about our oceans, the creatures within them and the now widely-recognized realization that we must do everything within our power to safeguard them.  A fundamental mission of Undersea Expeditionary Video Services is to highlight the plight of the most graceful and magnificent of all ocean creatures – the shark – and to propose solutions toward their protection and conservation

Diver Certifications & Affiliations

1994                            PDIC                             Open water certification.

2004                            TDI                                Ext Range/Deco Procedures.

2004                            TDI/NACD/NSS            Full Cave Diver(Joe Odom)

2004                            IANTD                           Full Trimix (Jim Mims)

2004                            SSI                                Dive Control Specialist / Assistant Instructor

2006                            TDI                                Closed Circuit Rebreather (Dan Crowell)

Currently                     EFR                               First Aid / CPR / AED

Currently                     DAN                              DAN Preferred Insurance  Coverage